Company Formation

Company Formation
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We have a solid Compliance Department with qualified and skillful staff who moderate the risks associated with the corporate industry.

Furthermore, we are capable to assist our clients in Corporate Secretarial matters related to their corporations. We offer post incorporation services such as nominee directors, custody books/records, custody books/corporate documents, issuance of shares, corporate resolutions, bank account opening, invoicing, accounting services (outsourced), among others.

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Corporate & Legal Services

Company Registrations Department can assist you with a variety of corporate and legal services across all authorities offered. After making an investment by registering the company it makes sense to protect this investment by making sure you avail the best expert’s advices.

Through our general network of professionals we will keep you in touch with local Accountants, Chartered Secretaries and Legal professionals who can assist with a wide range of services at competitive rates including:

  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Holding Shares in Trust
  • Powers of Attorney

Company Documents – Company Searches

If you want company documents we can assist, our experience and connection with the Companies Registries and Companies Houses worldwide which means we can obtain company documents, company reports and conduct comprehensive company searches.

  • Certificate of Good Standing/ Status Certificates
  • Official Company Extracts
  • Certificates of Incorporation

Company Restoration

We can apply to get your company restored if it was struck off the register and dissolved by the Companies Administrators.

We deliver a comprehensive restoration service for our clients, our experience ensures you stay ahead of authorized requirements that can impact your company. You can apply for a company restoration if, you were a director or shareholder of the company.

For further information of company restoration process in these countries please contact us.

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