D2 Visa

Portugal D2 Visa

The D2 visa also called the Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs, gives resident status to immigrants who plans to involve themselves into investment activities in Portugal. The legal basis for this ‘D’ type visa can be found in article 60(2) of Law No. 23/2007 from July 4, and regulated by article 31(2)(3) of Regulation Decree No. 84/2007 from November 5. and Paragraph 2 of this article 89 was amended by Law no. 59/2017, pf07/21 and fourth amendment to the Aliens Act in force since 1st August’ 2917.

In basic terms, you have to establish and invest in your company in Portugal, pay social security, have at least a minimum salary 635EUR, own no debts and no criminal records, scope of a well-defined business plan, which will be analyzed by the authorities, on an investment level, for it’s prospective economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevancy.

The D2 Visa application must be applied by VFS Global or by Portuguese Consulate (depending on which country) in your home country. After the decision you can come to Portugal with the D2 visa and you must apply for residence permit within 4 months period. While waiting for the process to be completed, you can work normally in the country. During the period until you are called for an interview with SEF (Immigration Office) and obtain approval of your request of residence permit, you should not leave Portugal without your residence permit issued.

  • Step 1: NIF, Bank Account, Accommodation in Portugal and Company formation
  • Step 2: Visa Application at the VFS GLOBAL near you
  • Step 3: Residence Permit Program Application In Portugal

Our package includes the following services:

  • Fiscal and Legal Representation,
  • Business Plan,
  • Company Formation,
  • Minute’s Book,
  • Request for Social Security number,
  • Request for criminal records in Portugal,
  • Remote process via POA – (if started remotely),
  • Opening a personal and corporate bank account,
  • Legal Advice whenever needed, (corresponding to the process),
  • Representation with public bodies and entities,
  • Application for D2 Visa and residence permit application,
  • Assistance of our lawyer on the day of your appointment with the SEF. (Immigration Office)

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