Candidates found inside the PNP

In this state, PTs use the PT portal to search for candidates who are already in the PNP. PTs will search the PNP using a combination of searchable fields, such as language levels, education, work experience, PT certificate of qualification, etc. Search results will be appear as a list of anonymous candidates. The search results include each candidate’s PNP profile number, for matching purposes, as well as further information about each candidate.

Candidates found outside the PNP

In this scenario, the PT recognizes an applicant they feel is suitable for their PNP stream but who is not yet in the PNP. The PT nominates that individual and instructs them to submit an PNP profile.

Confirmation of nomination

The nominated foreign national makes their online account an PNP profile which specifies that they have a PT nomination and identifies the nominating jurisdiction.

Cancelling a nomination

Once a nomination has been issued by a PT and acknowledged by a candidate, it cannot be cancelled in the candidate’s PNP profile. Should the candidate change their mind or the PT withdraw the nomination after acceptance of the nomination, the candidate must cancel their PNP profile and submit a new profile in their online account.

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